1. What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state in which the body can access the resources of the unconscious mind. It is one way the mind and the body recharges its energy. On a given day, an individual will be in and out of hypnotic state approximately five times. Examples of the hypnotic state would be 1) arriving in your driveway and not remembering the last six blocks 2) driving past your off ramp and realizing that you have done so two miles later and 3) daydreaming.

2. Am I under the hypnotist’s control?

The hypnotist is merely an educator to show you how to use your unconscious mind. You will do nothing contrary to your values while under hypnosis.

3. Will I remember what happens while I’m under hypnosis?

Most people are fully aware of everything while they are experiencing in hypnosis. Occasionally, an individual will go deep into relaxation and cannot recall everything in the session. However, they will benefit from the positive suggestions they have received.

4. Can anyone be hypnotized?

In varying degrees, everyone has the ability to use the power of their unconscious mind. Hypnosis works based on fixation, repetition, and relaxation. There are three instances where hypnosis will not work: 1) Individuals with IQs below 60, as their attention span is limited; 2) Individuals who are intoxicated, and 3) Individuals who are choosing consciously to block the process.

5. Is there any danger in being hypnotized?

No. You are always in control of the process and you cannot “get stuck” in a hypnotic trance. You merely come back to full waking consciousness at the suggestions of the hypnotist or whenever you are ready.

6. How does hypnosis feel?

Every person experiences hypnosis in his or her own way. Most report feelings of relaxation, release, and comfort.

7. Can hypnosis work without me changing my behavior?

Hypnosis assists you in using your unconscious mind to change your mental programs such that you will engage in different behaviors. Unless you are willing to change your behaviors, hypnosis will not work. Hypnosis will make you do nothing against your will.